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Bosch Software Flow

Enabling automated software releases in highly-regulated domains

Bosch Software Flow revolutionizes the way how software is being released.

Our Software as a Service offering is loved by software developers and quality managers who can concentrate on what they can do best: Writing and deploying great and compliant software. We are shaping your digital transformation of tomorrow.

The challenges in nowadays corporate IT pipelines

Many steps for the software release process preparation can only be done manually demanding lots capacity. Software cannot be released frequently as corporate release pipelines often are interrupted by manual steps.

This leads to delays in the delivery and deployment of new features and customer requests.

The solution: Automated software release framework

With Bosch Software Flow, you will be able to run your software release processes fully automated. Relieve your developers from manual work to increase your efficiency and present and visualize your quality assessment at any time to any stakeholder.

Perform software releases and quality assurance efficiently, accelerated and be ready for audits at any time.

Setting developer experience and software quality as our foremost priority

Bosch Software Flow leads to ...

increased efficiency

in software development in highly regulated domains by automation of manual tasks

accelerated software releases

by closing gaps in IT pipeline

permanent audit readiness

by continuously following company policies (build-in legal compliance)

Robert Ruzitschka, DevOps Community Lead & Engineering Coach at Raiffeisen Bank International

Robert Ruzitschka

DevOps Community Lead & Engineering Coach at Raiffeisen Bank International

,,The cooperation with Bosch Software Flow helps us at Raiffeisen Bank International to set important accents in combining agility and compliance. This area represents a key issue for us and can only be achieved with a consistent focus on automation - an important focus on our path to an even more powerful IT organization."

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